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…it’s time to stop putting everyone else first

… it’s your turn to be happy!

Do you want to ask for that pay raise with confidence and ease?

Do you want to apply for that dream job with confidence and ease?

Do you want to start your own business with confidence and ease? 

Do you want to end toxic relationships and start building fulfilling ones with confidence and ease? 

Do you want to go for your dreams with confidence and ease? 

Join my FREE Webinar on “How To Boost Your Confidence” and learn:

  • How to start loving yourself just for who you are 
  • How to reclaim your power to do what’s important for you but you keep putting it off
  • How to believe in yourself, so you go for your dreams
  • How to start ticking the items off your Buckett list
  • How to feel satisfied and fulfilled in your life

It will be the best 60 minutes you can give to yourself today.

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Well… you’re in the right place!

Welcome to the place for women like you, where you’ll find support, motivation and proven tools to become a Confidence Rockstar. 

Perhaps you’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by the fact that everyone around you has everything sorted out. Fullfiling career, plenty of money, loving partner, amazing family life and the body you feel jelaous about.

Hi, I’m Alex, Life and Health Coach, passionate about helping women believe in themselves, so they can accomplish anything they want to. 

I know how difficult it may seem to go for your dreams if, deep inside, you don’t believe you’re worth it. 

My mission is to help as many women as possible to break free from limiting beliefs and to truly love and believe in themselves. As this is a place where everything else starts. 

So, why is it so important for for you to prioritize you self-love and self-confidence?

  • You fully accept yourself just for who you are
  • You know you’re worthy without looking for external evidence
  • You believe that you can go for anything your heart desires
  • You take on challenges with more ease and less drama
  • You become a wonderful role model for your kids
  • You become the rock solid foundation for a strong family


The good news is, you don’t need reading personal development books… or spend hours and hours repeating mantras every week… not now you’ve found me!
My mission is to inspire and support women like you, to find MOTIVATION, ENERGY and PROVEN TOOLS that will help you increase your confidence and start believing in yourself once and for all.  

I do this with…

  • No time wasting (because I know you don’t have any to spare)
  • Techniques that WORK
  • Exercises you’ll love
  • Support when you need it most
  • Encouragement to follow through when it gets tough
  • Strategic and easy to follow routines that gets RESULTS
  • A community of Confidence Rockstarts, so you don’t have to feel alone anymore

One of the biggest things I’ve learned on my journey is that everything we do in life is 80% mindset… and, when it comes to self-confidence, just 20% physiology.

This sounds crazy, I know, and it probably contradicts everything you’ve ever been taught. But think about it… most of us know what to do to be confident, most of us have access to endless resources out there, most of us have been doing some exercises, reading books, or even worked with a therapist before… most of us could have some results before too, so theoretically we all know what to do … so why don’t we do it then?

The key ingredient is to work on the part that will really help you to achieve the results you want… and that’s the 80% mindset part.

When you get this bit right… when you learn to recognize the ways you’re holding yourself back and figure out how to overcome them… you’ll set the foundations for life long success.

Instead of digging through hundreds of books, browsing the net and wasting time on strategies by so called “experts”… you can go on a much simpler journey with me… one that’s designed specifically for women.

Plus, when you become a part of Confidence Rockstar community, you’ll get tons of support from others women to make following through on your commitments way more fun, and so you’ll never feel alone again.

Ready to get started?

My Signature Programs are designed especially for you, to take you through the exact steps I took to successfully increase my confidence and achieve my goals.

  • without reading tons of books…
  • without wondering what techniques actually work…
  • without feeling overwhelmed…
  • and without thinking “yeah, it sounds too good to be true…”!

I’m not going to lie to you and say that it’ll be a smooth ride with no wobbles along the way. Because trust me, there will be ups and downs! However, you won’t be on your own. I’ll show you exactly WHAT works, with HOW to do it, so you can start getting results – feeling and better – TODAY. I’ll be here to guide and support you along the way. I’ll keep you accountable. I’ll cheer on you. I’m here for you!

Alex is the definition of positive, powerful energy! She has such a talent for listening to what areas I wanted to gain help with, and had immediate suggestions for what changes I could implement to bring about the results I wanted. Alex made me feel proud of what I have accomplished, and was quick to point out what I am doing well with nutrition and my fitness endeavors. She was understanding of my time constraints and was very realistic about working me towards changes that were doable in my life. Alex understands the role of a busy Mom who wants to look and feel great. Her smile, and positive energy fill up a space that many of us feel frustration around. Her positive approach of realistic change, her knowledge base, and her understanding of life as a Mom is amazing! Thank you Alex!” With gratitude

Shannon McGorry

Divorce Recovery Coach, Founder: Redefining Your Divorce with Love, Strength and Grace

Get excited about getting into your favorite jeans and feeling SASSY again mama!

It’s Time to Get Confident and Go For Your Wildest Dreams!

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