English Lessons

Want to improve your English?

  • do you want to be able to communicate in English with confidence and ease?
  • do you want to apply for that dream job but you’re scared to death of that interview in English?

  • do you need support writing your CV and Cover Letter in English?

  • do you want to improve your Business English, so you can communicate with your work colleagues and business partners from different countries?

  • are you a coach, who wants to start working on a global market but you’re missing professional coaching vocabulary in English? 

In all cases I can help. I do conversations in English for Poles.

The secret to be able to speak English is to practise SPEAKING ENGLISH. Taaa daaa. Mastery revealed. I believe that grammar and all the stuff we learn at school are important, but if you don’t talk, you’ll never be able to communicate in this language. Period!

During our lessons, we TALK –  ALL THE TIME. I don’t care if your level is “kali chcieć, kali mieć” – I want you to speak, not thinking for 5 minutes about putting the “perfect” sentence together. 

So, let’s go on a journey to make you speak English once and for all.