Alex helped me see why I struggled to get a regular exercise routine going and helped me gain clarity on what exercise I really wanted to do and what I wanted to gain from it. I felt Alex really understood my circumstances as a working mum and made suggestions which were very practical and not overwhelming. Alex also helped me see how I could easily implement some small changes which would make a big difference in my life. If you are a mum, wanting to get in shape but are struggling to fit everything in, I would highly recommend Alex to help you.

Michele Ivory

I am a happy mum of almost 3-year-old boy and 9-month girl. I’m also a happy wife. I have always been very active, but after my pregnancies I faced some difficulties to come back to healthy lifestyle and accommodate physical activities into my new, busy agenda. On the other hand, I wanted to be strong, healthy and full of positive energy for my family. After talking with Alex I realized that doing something is better than doing nothing and even small changes in your life can have massive effects. And if you really want something, you will do everything, to make this happen. If any mum wants, in an easy and enjoyable way, acquires good nutrition habits, add sport activities into agenda and becomes full of positive energy, then I fully recommend coaching sessions with Alex. Alex is not only a professional coach, but also infuses positive energy in a very friendly way.”

Iga Niewiadomska

I found out Alex few months ago when I decided to change my lifestyle, the way I look like, and what I’m feeding myself with. I had no idea where to start but Alex approached me with such a great dosage of empathy and understanding. She was very responsive. During our session I found out a lot of what I needed, but what’s even more important, I felt her support and no judgement at all. I purchased her course “7 steps from busy and tired to fit and happy mama” and with that I started my life changes. She gave me concrete tips on how to start, what to do, what to avoid and when I didn’t understand something, she was patiently explaining it all to me. She keeps checking how I’m doing which gives me that extra motivation. I’m sure that her passion, involvement and easy with relationship building will help not only myself but all other mums who need to change something in themselves and in their lives.

Agnieszka Pietrak

Alex is the definition of positive, powerful energy! She has such a talent for listening to what areas I wanted to gain help with, and had immediate suggestions for what changes I could implement to bring about the results I wanted. Alex made me feel proud of what I have accomplished, and was quick to point out what I am doing well with nutrition and my fitness endeavors. She was understanding of my time constraints and was very realistic about working me towards changes that were doable in my life. Alex understands the role of a busy Mom who wants to look and feel great. Her smile, and positive energy fill up a space that many of us feel frustration around. Her positive approach of realistic change, her knowledge base, and her understanding of life as a Mom is amazing! Thank you Alex!” With gratitude

Shannon McGorry

Divorce Recovery Coach, Founder: Redefining Your Divorce with Love, Strength and Grace

I really love your insights on how great I am doing as a mama and how it is (more than) OK to take care of ourselves first so we can be an Active Happy Mama. Alex, you have a such an amazing gift to create an ambiance to let someone feel at ease and allow to openly express their feelings and struggles. You are doing such an amazing thing by reaching out and giving support to us Mamas in the journey of balancing to take care of ourselves, our family and working. I see in you such an inspiration! I am so delighted to see that there are women like you out there in this world! Because being an Active Happy Mama is not something that is normally taught to us, but it makes our own and our families lives so worth it! I hope you will be able to help a lot of awesome mamas to become Active Happy Mamas.

Sylvana Schouten-van Galen

Alex is a very friendly person with very positive attitude. During our session I realised that, if I am determined,  I am really able to commit my goals. Impossible doesn’t exist!

Ola Parol

Before becoming a mum, I was active, but once I had my wonderful baby my motivation has dropped. I was so tired to even think about exercising, but I desperately wanted to have my body back. Even though I kind of knew what I needed to do in terms of food and exercises, what I really needed was motivation. By working with Alex, I got that extra motivation and encouragement. I discovered much more, not only regarding nutrition and training but also about emotional and mental well-being. And most importantly, I could fit it all while still juggling around my little one. Thank you.

Lisa Kramer

I’m a busy mum to now 10-month old boy who’s not been sleeping through the night. I was exhausted and didn’t feel that I would ever be able to find time for exercising, but after talking with Alex I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. She showed me a different approach to training that didn’t take forever and that changed my life. Since I started training with her, not only my weight has dropped and my body is firmer, but I also have much more energy and got my confidence back. Alex helped me not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well and I can’t thank you enough.

Kate Smith

Thank you Alex so much for our session, I learnt so much in just 30 minutes! I think your style and manner are well suited to helping me make positive and long-lasting changes in the future. Great to have advice and help with someone who has been through this personally. Thank you again.

Natalie Woodham